The competition will be held in two rounds. There is no limit regarding the length of pieces for the first round. Simply upload two videos of pieces different in style/character and add the links (e.g. a YouTube or Vimeo) to your registration.

The second round consists of live performances in Vienna between 5th and 10th of August 2024. The venue will be the “Kaisersaal” at Musik Quartier, Kaiserstraße 10, 1070 Vienna, Austria.


The registration process is complete upon receipt of a completed registration form, a video recording, and full payment of the participation fees. Receipt of the relevant documents will be confirmed by email. By registering, the applicant declares his/her acceptance of the competition rules.


The jury consists of professional and experienced artists and educators. There will be three permanent members as well as guest judges.


  • Piano
  • Strings (Violin – Viola – Cello – Double Bass)
  • Woodwinds; Brass (Flute – Oboe – Clarinet – Bassoon Trumpet – French Horn – Trombone – Saxophone)
  • Chamber Music (Duos – Trios – Quartets – up to 10)
  • Solo Voice


Solo Instruments

  • Repertoire of the baroque: early classical, classical, romantic, and contemporary periods.
  • 2 original pieces from different musical periods, e.g. one baroque piece and one contemporary; or one classical and one romantic.
  • Solo-piano category: the pieces must be played from memory, no reading is allowed.
  • Duration of playing must be within the time limits (see above under 2.)

Chamber Music

  • Reading is allowed.
  • Pieces must also be selected from different musical periods, as described above.

In the categories Jazz piano solo and Jazz Ensemble, two pieces must be presented, one of which must be a slow piece (e.g. a blues with an improvisation or a transcription), as well as a piece from the standard swing repertoire. It is important to demonstrate an awareness of the musical differences between the styles chosen as well as a knowledge of the different harmonic language relevant to each period.


  • Age group A: 1 to 3 vocal pieces of your free choice
  • Age group B: At least 2 pieces of different styles (e.g. different periods, concert or opera repertoire), and in at least 2 different languages.
  • Age group C: At least 3 pieces of different styles (e.g. different periods, concert or opera repertoire), and in at least 2 different languages, one of which must be German.
  • Age group D: At least 3 pieces of different styles (e.g. different periods, concert or opera repertoire), and in at least 3 different languages, at least one of which must be German- language music from the original text.


In the second round, participants must present pieces that do not exceed the specified time limits. It is recommended for each piece to clearly demonstrate the musical and technical abilities of the performer. One piece from the first round should be performed again in the second round. The time limits applicable in the second round are as follows:

Solo instrument and Chamber Music: 

  • Age Group A (6-9 years): 3-5 min.
  • Age Group B (10-14 years): 5-8 min.
  • Age Group C (15-19 years): 8-15 min.
  • Age Group D (20-27 years): 15-25 min.

Voice Solo 

  • Age Group A (6-9 years): 4-5 min.
  • Age Group B (10-14 years): 5-8 min.
  • Age Group C (15-19 years): 9-11 min.
  • Age Group D (20-27years): 12-16 min.

Performances must stay within these time constraints. For chamber music ensembles, the age group is determined by the oldest member of the ensemble.

FIRST ROUND The video recordings will be viewed by the jury and a decision will be made as to who is invited to the second round of the competition and will be confirmed by email. The applicant has no right to legally challenge the jury’s decision.

SECOND ROUND  will be held in the Kaisersaal of Musik Quartier, Kaiserstraße 10, 1070 Vienna, Austria. Each successful participant will be given a mandatory date and time for the performance. The date and time will be communicated after the deadline for application has expired. Participants will have the opportunity to make use of facilities provided in order to rehearse for 2 hours before the performance.

The results of the final round will determine who participates in the Gala Concert. The jury will direct the proceedings in the competition by, for example, selecting the pieces to be played as well as requesting

shorter versions of certain pieces, if necessary. The jury is free to interrupt or cut short any performance, based on their own discretion. The jury is free to declare any prize “not awarded”. All legal claims against such decisions are prohibited.


  • An unedited video of the performance forwarded to Vienna International Music Competition as a YouTube or Vimeo PUBLIC LINK. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the video link is openable. Failure to provide a working link could lead to disqualification.
  • Videos edited in any way to alter the performance will not be accepted.
  • The video must clearly show the face and hands of the performer.
  • Please clearly indicate the name of the participant, and name of piece on the Title of the Video


The award ceremony will be in the context of a public concert on 10th of August 2024 in the Ehrbar Hall, Mühlgasse 30, 1040 Vienna. There are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes for each age group and category, i.e. Solo Instrument, Voice, and Chamber Music. Prize winners will be acknowledged with trophies, medals, and certificates. In addition to the prizes, special distinction will be given to performers who exhibit outstanding characteristics in various other categories,  The number of participants is limited, and the decision of the jury is final and not subject to challenge. Prizes must be received in person. Prizes, diplomas, etc. will not be sent by mail afterwards.


In judging the performances, equal weighting will be given to the overall musical impression and precisely reciting the piece exactly as written. Additional factors considered include the difficulty of the piece as well as the energy and charisma transmitted by the performer and the player’s technical abilities.

Number of points: 100

Certificate of Successful Participation in the VIMC = 1 – 40 Points

Bronze Medal = 40.01 – 60 Points

Silver Medal = 60.01 – 80 Points

Gold Medal = 80.01 – 100 Points


Please register online on until 30th of June 2024.


  • Solo instrument and voice: 140 € per person
  • Duos: 120 € per person
  • Trio up to ten: 90 € per person

The fee is due on registration and is non-refundable. Any banking costs must be paid by the registrant. 


The organizer retains the right to create photo, video, and audio recordings during the competition and the gala concert and to use recorded material for advertising purposes. Participants have no right to any royalties arising from recordings made during any part of the competition, as well as radio, internet, or TV broadcasts of the event. The recording of photo, video, and audio by persons other than the ones authorized by the competition office is prohibited.  All changes or printing errors reserved.

Please carefully read the Rules and Regulations prior to applying to the Vienna International Music Competition 2024. Download the .pdf version in your preferred language: