About Vienna International Music Competition



Nurturing Musicians’ Artistic Paths and Fostering Excellence in Classical Music

Welcome to the International Vienna International Arts Festival- The 2nd International Music Competition, the Competition proudly hosted by the New Century Culture Exchange Association and young artists from all over the world the possibility to present their talent in the heart of Vienna – a city with a great renown for its rich musical heritage to expand their artistic horizons and experience diverse stages

Our distinguished jury consists of accomplished performers, esteemed professors, and notable figures from the global music community. The winners of this competition will have the privilege of performing at Vienna’s prestigious “Ehrbar Saal,” a renowned venue revered for its contribution to the musical arts.

Participating in this competition offers numerous benefits, including valuable feedback, increased exposure, an enhanced resume, and the chance to network with industry experts.

Additionally, the New Century Culture Exchange Association promotes participants’ videos across its social media channels, helping them gain a followings and additional publicity.



Music city Vienna



Cultural center of Austria

Vienna is the undisputed cultural center of Austria and one of the world capitals of music. Not only is the city the birthplace of the waltz, but it was also home and workplace to the likes of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, the Strauss family, Johannes Brahms and Gustav Mahler. Even today operas, concerts and theatrical performances play a major part in Viennese life. Carefully watched over by the famous Society of Friends of Music, Vienna’s role as a leading music city remains unchallengeable.
To this day, Vienna is considered the music capital of the world – at least for classical music. Imagine this: More famous composers have lived in Vienna than in any other city! Every single night, you have the opportunity to see great musicians and artists performing on over 120 stages. Every year, the city puts on 15,000 music events, covering just about every genre imaginable.